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Useful Phrases for Socializing

sitting next to someone

  • May I sit here?
  • Do you mind if I sit here?
  • Is this seat taken?

joining a conversation

  • Sorry to bother you...
  • I couldn't help but hear you mention...

active listening

  • I hear you. (agree)
  • Tell me about it! (agree)
  • Me too! (agree)
  • Seriously? (surprise)
  • No way! (surprise)

exchanging contact information

  • Let me give you my number/email...
  • Are you on Facebook/Twitter/etc.?
  • Email/call me sometime.

ending a conversation

  • I should get going. It was great talking to you. (polite)
  • Look at the time! I need to go. Nice chatting with you. (polite)
  • I'm going to call it a night. Talk to you later. (casual)

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